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Hyper Axion Payroll

LOGISTICAL APPLICATIONS Hyper Axion Payroll The application Hyper.Axion Payroll is the most integrated application in the market of large accounting offices takes A+ to the Review of Payroll Software Applications and provides you the possibility of an upgraded monitoring of all payroll circuit for unlimited number of employees and companies and with the most handy […]

Tax System 5

LOGISTICAL APPLICATIONS Tax System 5 The application Extra Tax System by Epsilon Net is the most completed and accurate clearance of personal income tax, with direct adjustment of calculations with the latest coding of Income Tax Code. General Supply of multiple informative printouts for the calculation of installments of income tax payout, calculation of proofs […]

Digital Accounting

LOGISTICAL APPLICATIONS Digital Accounting The new service Digital Accounting by Epsilon Net is an evolved service for document management, which is based on advanced technologies for document digitalization and manages as an integrated process the document registration from scanning till accounting record and archiving. General It is about a simple and understandable process, which covers […]

Hoteliga for Hotels

HOTEL APPLICATIONS Hoteliga for Hotels A top-class system for the management of hotels and other accommodation properties. The hoteliga PMS (or Property Management System), offers the hotel staff or the managers of vacation apartments, the ability to manage on their own the daily operations of their property in a convenient way as well as work […]

Extra Accounting

LOGISTICAL APPLICATIONS Extra Accounting The application that can meet all the needs of an accounting office in an easy-to-use and simple work environment. Automation and standardized procedures save you valuable time and simplify the everyday life of the modern accountant! Connection with a Certified Electronic Invoicing Provider The EXTRA Accounting application connects directly with A.A.D.E […]