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Among the complete series of software, find the solution that suits you.

Whatever the subject of your company, there is a software that can surely improve your processes, saving time and money. The computerization software must be of modern technology, adapt to the needs of the business and evolve.

We have complete Applications for all businesses.

Hotel Applications

Advanced solutions for the integrated management and automation of modern hotel units, chains and accommodations.


Commercial applications

Applications that fully cover the specialized needs of small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of activity.


Electronic Invoicing

Choose the program that meets your needs Web application for issuing documents with a direct connection to A.A.D.E. and the myDATA platform.


Logistical applications

Complete series of programs for all accounting offices. They offer solutions to the problems that arise from the constantly changing tax provisions and deadlines that everyone is required to follow.


Intensive Retail Applications

Complete Applications for intensive retail businesses, regardless of industry and activity that offer everything a retail business needs. Speed in transactions, minimize waiting in line.


Catering Applications

It is addressed to all businesses in the catering industry. It covers restaurants, taverns, cafe bars, delivery, entertainment venues, night clubs, conference venues, sports centers, etc.


Mobile Ordering - XVAN Mobile sales automation

Increasing the productivity of the company's salespeople, the provision of information in direct connection with the central information system. The system ensures complete control, automation and acceleration of sales processes such as ordering and mobile invoicing, while at the same time enabling management to better organize the sales network.


CRM applications

The Customer Relationship Management System organizes, monitors, manages and optimizes the customer relationships of each company.


ERP systems

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems are the heart of every company's information system and the basis for its smooth operation. At the same time, they provide management with tools that facilitate the development of extroversion and adaptation to changes in the business environment.


Payroll Applications

Solutions for tracking your company's payroll, timekeeping and human resources, functional, flexible and fully GDPR compliant.



The Electronic Invoicing Service ensures the validity of the data (documents), the authenticity of the origin and their security.